Design you own household cleaning tools with us now!

Housekeeping is now a basic job for every family and every working place. It is not a simple cleaning job but an important health program for all of us. It is a good thing that we now have cleaning brushes, brooms, mops, and all of these showing progress both in quality and design. Let’s see more details how they are so important for our daily life.

Here are the different types of basic house cleaning tools:

Toilet Brush – Toliet Brush Set is specially designed for cleaning toilet and relative appliance. It have stiff bristles that are much tougher than regular brushes, the bristles usually surround the plastic or wood back which makes it more powerful in cleaning the corner places.

Dish Brush – Dish brush is mainly for cleaning kitchen where the oil stain always survive. Today’s dish brushes or kitchen brushes are more functional, and the design is more fashion to provide us a good mood when cleaning the house.

Mop – A mop is used for cleaning floors. In order to meet different kinds of needs, the mop now can be classified into several types, such as dust mop, wet mop, sponge mop,etc.

Broom – Brooms like a type of big brush, are use to sweep dust from floors and sometimes other surfaces as well. Usually the bristle of brooms are much longer than regular brushes. They are definitely one of the most common pieces of housekeeping equipment worldwide.

Squeegee- Squeegees are use to clean glass, window, wall,etc. It is usually combined with a handle short or long so that can be able to reach high places.


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